Thursday, August 19, 2010

Buyer Beware!

Just because something is on television doesn't mean it's true. Do your research! Fame does not equal competency.

I was looking through the web for news items about kettlebells, my favorite tool for exercise, and I found Jillian Michaels has a kettlebell training DVD out.

Jillian Michaels, for the couple of you who don't know, is one of the trainers on the Biggest Loser game show. She's helped a lot of people with weight loss, and I believe she cares about the people she works with.

She also has NO business putting out a DVD about kettlebells.

I checked out a video on youtube to see her form with a basic exercise called the swing.


Her form is terrible and anyone listening to her will be visiting my massage table soon after. She's using her arms to lift the bell to the desired height, which is DANGEROUS for your back. Amazing that people get away with publishing such drivel.

I'm a fan of the Biggest Loser show in concept. Have some people who are dangerously close to severe health problems and help them lose weight to better health. They also find out who they truly are and how powerful they are. I love anything that's inspiring like that. There are plenty of things wrong with the execution of the show, but that's not the subject of this post.

If you want to know how to swing a kettlebell properly, see a certified instructor (like me) so you can be safe and learn a very effective exercise.

Make today your day!

Monday, August 16, 2010


It’s Monday morning as I write this and I’m about to say something that I thought I’d never say again.

“I’m engaged.”

Let the festivities begin!

You’ll hear more about them as they occur. It’s only a day old.

I was a bit afraid of marriage having failed at it the last time (read: failed horribly).

I truly didn’t understand the sanctity of marriage the first time I got married. I didn’t have the commitment level I needed to make it work.

I have noticed that many people have the same problem. They need a level of commitment to themselves to grow and become that they want to become.

It’s that commitment to YOU that’s the most important.

Think about that when you look at starting an exercise regimen. It’s not the exercise program, or the diet or the lifestyle change you’re making. It’s all about the commitment to the exercise program or diet.

When you make that commitment, you will see some very interesting things begin to happen. You will begin to move toward your goals quicker than you can ever imagine.

Being committed and STAYING committed is the biggest need for achieving whatever you want in your life, no matter what it is.

PS: Love you, babe!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Demond Day!!

Happy Demond Day!!!

Yes, I call my birthday Demond Day, which was yesterday, and so do a lot of people I know do now.

Some call it cocky. Some call it silly.

I call it fun.

I had a lot of fun this year, like I always do. I'm always appreciative of how many people care enough to wish me a happy birthday. That's a better gift than any material thing I can receive.

I’ve thought about calling this blog “Happy New Year” because technically it is a new year for me considering I am starting on my 37th year of my life. Like on the other New Year’s Day holiday, I usually spend the time leading up to Demond Day thinking about how the last year went and my current goals.

This last year has been eventful to say the least. I’ve had my ups and downs like everyone else. I was a lot more even keel this year. My ups were good and my downs are few and short-lived.

This year will be another big year for me, and I would like to share with you what I have planned.

My biggest goal is to have a gym that I can be proud of to open around this time next year. Everything I do from here on out has that end in mind.

I have some fitness goals too.

Side Press ½ my bodyweight: I know I can do this by this time next year. This one is well within reach as long as I listen to my body and take my time.

Hold a free handstand for a minute: This one will take some time and I know I can do this. Doing massage as my primary occupation right now will keep me from doing too much. Gotta make that money!

I’m also looking to get down to 155 lbs just to see if I would be comfortable at that weight. I’ve averaged between 160-165 for the last few years. It might be too small for me, so we’ll see. My issue has been staying at that weight. I know it’s not much of a change. It’s just a curiosity thing for me.

Goals are important as we all know. They are important ONLY if we have burning desire to achieve them. If not, they are only fantasies and a waste of time.

Anyway, I’m in the process of writing down my other goals so I can share more if anyone wants to know.

What I want to know is…what are YOUR goals?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Power of Good Company

I was at Toastmasters this morning and had a great time. The meeting starts at 6:45am every Thursday, if you’re wondering.

Yes, I said AM.

The club is a lot of fun and we have a talented and (more importantly) a very supportive group. It got me to thinking.

I’m a very lucky guy. I have some of the most supportive friends that you can possibly imagine. I’ve been trying lots of different things over the years.

Professional wrestling.


Public speaking.

I’ve had some hits and misses over the years, and I keep trying to find my way through this world anyway. It made me realize the power of the people around us. The company that we keep says a lot about us. It also says a lot about how far we can go and what we can do.

I have talked to and worked with a lot of people over the years when it comes to health and fitness. The complaints are the same for the most part.

People trying to lose weight.

It’s always interesting that most of them really want to lose the weight, and after some probing, there is always a lack of support.

How sad.

It’s impossible to get anything done in this world by yourself.

I’ve tried. Believe me, I know. 

If you’re looking to lose weight (or accomplish any other goal), you need a support system. You need someone to call when you’re feeling not yourself.

(Note: Most people would say weak. I believe that we are stronger beyond all measure and forget.)

You need help.

We all do, and it’s ok to admit.

Michael Jordan didn’t win a championship until Phil Jackson showed up.

Shaq couldn’t win without Dwayne Wade or Kobe.

Kobe couldn’t win without Gasol or Shaq.

Unless you’re a hermit that lives in the mountains…(and if you are, how in the world did you get internet access?), then you have people around you.

Make sure they are good ones.