Thursday, September 30, 2010

The #2 Reason You Don't Have The Body You Want

You are working too hard!

What I’m going to tell you will change the way you will look at exercise forever. We’ve all been told to get the results you want (fat loss for most), you have to starve yourself and workout until your tongue is dragging the floor.

Here’s what usually happens:

1. Get some inspiration to go to the gym and take control of your health.
2. Vow that this time it will be different.
3. Get a gym membership and/or personal trainer.
4. The first couple of workouts leave you sore
5. Exercise for a week or two…at most a month.
6. Start skipping workouts.
7. Quit altogether because you “don’t have enough time” or whatever lie you tell yourself.
8. Go back to Step 1.

What if I told you that you just need yourself?

Yes, a personal trainer is usually not needed.
Can your personal trainer take into account the changes in your stress level that day?
Of course not.

No more getting pushed to do more than you can because some meathead said you should.

You need to learn how to listen to your own body.

You can do this.

Thanks to biofeedback.

What is it?
Biofeedback is nothing more than taking the information your body is giving you and then using it to dictate/guide your training. This can be heart rate, range of motion, rating of perceived exertion (RPE), etc.
Exercise either makes your movement either better or worse. The choice is yours.

I want exercise to help you move better.

This gives you a way to see if that is true!

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