Monday, August 16, 2010


It’s Monday morning as I write this and I’m about to say something that I thought I’d never say again.

“I’m engaged.”

Let the festivities begin!

You’ll hear more about them as they occur. It’s only a day old.

I was a bit afraid of marriage having failed at it the last time (read: failed horribly).

I truly didn’t understand the sanctity of marriage the first time I got married. I didn’t have the commitment level I needed to make it work.

I have noticed that many people have the same problem. They need a level of commitment to themselves to grow and become that they want to become.

It’s that commitment to YOU that’s the most important.

Think about that when you look at starting an exercise regimen. It’s not the exercise program, or the diet or the lifestyle change you’re making. It’s all about the commitment to the exercise program or diet.

When you make that commitment, you will see some very interesting things begin to happen. You will begin to move toward your goals quicker than you can ever imagine.

Being committed and STAYING committed is the biggest need for achieving whatever you want in your life, no matter what it is.

PS: Love you, babe!


  1. Congratulations! After 17+ years of marriage, I can honestly tell you that, with the right person (or the right timing using your comparison to other commitments), you find yourself renewing that commitment every time you look at your life and see how enriched it has become.

  2. I love you too! I am so excited about our life together! And I want to thank you for teaching me commitment to myself is just as important as my commitment to you. We must all remember that we canny do for others unless we are taking care of ourselves first. Here is to our life together!